For the sartorial cognoscenti in the DC area, there was no other place to be on Wednesday, November 9th, than at 1254 Wisconsin Avenue NW, in the heart of Georgetown.  It was there that the Streets of Georgetown held its official opening soiree with the legendary award winning designer Joseph Abboud, currently the president and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of the HMX Group.  The three hour event was catered by Equinox and its chef Todd Gray, a local restaurant that  consistently finds itself as one of the finest in the area.  A treat in itself.  All this, complemented by The Christopher Linman Jazz Ensemble performing the music of the jazz greats.  The evening was orchestrated by the ABA agency and was flawless. 

The event, attended by a number of Washington notables, was an opportunity to not only become acquainted with all of the HMX brands, but also an opportunity to get to know and understand Joseph Abboud; the creative energy behind these names.

Abboud is somewhat unassuming.  Yet, when he enters a room, one immediately senses a presence about him.  A presence that has neither volume nor size, but a presence that requires notice nonetheless.  And this presence is free of the arrogance of pretensions.  He is down-to-earth, urbane, and always ready to talk about his inspirations and to offer insights.

“Defining how one dresses for success is different for everyone.  Consequently, there is no one set of rules.” suggests Abboud. “The most important thing is for a man to understand the world he lives in, and how to dress for the world he lives in.”  However, he cautions with a bit of levity, “you never want your suit to walk into the room before you do.”

occasion.  But beyond simply appearance, there’s the practical recognition that, as men’s careers progress, they need to start dressing for the job to which they aspire.  Access to higher office requires not only professional competence and savvy, but also one’s ability to keenly scrutinize one’s image and dress, as one is likely to be the public face of a company or government agency.  But unlike women, men are often not as well informed.  Consequently, Abboud suggests, “we have to give them that information differently than we give to

That women like to have new clothes goes without saying.   But what Abboud exposes is the fact that men love clothes too.  They also want a look that fits their style and is appropriate for whatever the

women.” adding that the information has to be in the men’s “vernacular….something that he’s comfortable about.”  This is how Streets seeks to reach out to its customers.

“There’s a new paradigm for the specialty store…we want to show the full breadth of these brands in a laboratory…”, claims Abboud.  Indeed, as one wanders through Streets, one recognizes that it does, in fact, have the subtle undertones of a sartorial laboratory to test market flux.  From sportswear to tailored and made-to-measure suits in a warm and refined club-like setting, to furniture upholstered in the company’s fabrics, to the tea-dyed muslin wrapped mannequins. This is a laboratory that carries a substantial spectrum of Abboud’s uniquely American oeuvre.


You’ll be able to experience the multi-dimensions of dressing from the new standard in modern classic suiting to smart casual to casual elegance and formal wear in subtle patterned velveteen, eyelash brocades, that are stunning, creative and dashing.  The store offers clothing that is made for creating your personal

style. This is men’s apparel that yearns to be touched and explored. Raw cashmere and suede reversible vests, cashmere, wool cashmere blends in plaids, houndstooth and signature Hickey Freeman stripes and luxury cotton corduroy blazers deep with texture.  The fabrics’ colors are rich with depth and luxury, with a softness of hand that drapes with impeccable tailoring.

From Hickey Freeman to Hart Schaffner Marx, to Bobby Jones, Coppley, Reid & Taylor and Palm Beach all under one roof for the first time, Streets is able to accommodate virtually any budget and taste, and guaranteed to increase any man’s amour propre.

At the apex of this line are Hickey Freeman and Hart Schaffner Marx, the doyens of high quality American made suits.  Hence, obviating the need to question the pedigree of these lines.  As Abboud claims: “That’s instant integrity.”  That may seem a bit quaint to some, but given the current economic environment, the verity of his assertion that “the American consumer today wants to relate to real, honest American brands” can hardly be persuasively challenged. 

Streets also carries Coppley, another company of notable lineage, which was purchased by the Hartmarx Corporation in 1998 and which is also part of the HMX group.  For more casual occasions, Streets carries a line of Bobby Jones polos in a variety of colors and patterns. The store will also sell a small selection of non-HMX Group products (such as Filson bags).

Anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe with the finest fabrics and distinctly modern points of view should definitely pay Streets a visit.  With an expert staff, their tailored clothing as well as made-to-measure suits and jackets will help you look your best and cater to every occasion in your busy life in the nation’s capitol. Indulge in a visit to Streets, I know you’ll find the experience enjoyable. 

It was a great honor spending the evening with the design master Joseph Abboud himself and exploring the “New Menswear Evolution in Georgetown”. 

Style is finding what works for each individual, but whatever the style be sure the fit is perfection.  Here’s to your best style! 

Cheers!  Cindy Ann Peterson 

Streets of Georgetown is located at 1254 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007. (202) 295-9098. The hours of operation include Monday-Friday 10am-7pm / Saturday 10am-7pm / Sunday 12am-6pm.